Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day Seventy-Nine

This morning we took a boat across Lake Lucerne to the bottom of the Mount Rigi. It was about an hour long boat ride, but It was really nice because you could see the mountains the whole time. When we got to the bottom of the mountain we boarded a cog train that took us to the top. After having lunch near the top of the mountain, we hiked a little bit to reach the very top. It was really cloudy and since we were so high up in altitude we were actually within the clouds. That was pretty awesome.

As we walked down the mountain the clouds started to clear so we were able to see the surrounding area. I took a lot of pictures today because there were so many great views from Mount Rigi. At one point we stopped to sit on some benches for about ten minutes looking directly at the rest of the Alps. It was so peaceful and quiet up there.

To get back down from the mountain we took a gondola which was a little bit scary. I don't really like the idea of hanging from a wire so far up in the air inside a glass box. When we got to the bottom we had just missed the boat back to Lucerne so we decided to sit by the edge of the lake until the next one came. It was so warm sitting there that I was able to be in my t-shirt for a while. I even had to roll up my pant legs because I was getting so warm. The whole time I was sitting there I was looking at snow-capped mountains. This area is so awesome that you can be so warm and see so much snow around.

When we got back to Lucerne we went to our hostel and I ended up taking an hour nap because I had a bad headache. After I woke up we went to dinner and we ended up eating at a restaurant that had a unicorn as its logo. I think that place wins for best logo. We walked around Old Lucerne when we were finished eating and then we headed back to our hostel for the night.

Right after the clouds started to clear

Placemat from the unicorn restaurant


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