Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day Thirty-Four

I was unable to post to my blog last night because of crappy internet. You would think that decent internet wouldn't be that hard to provide, but my apartment has some of the worst wi-fi ever.

We did more work on our studio project, talking about what identifies a Flemish (northern area of Belgium) city and what we would like to see incorporated into the design of this neighborhood. I did a couple small sketches of some ideas I had. All of us had to do some work on our thesis proposals as well because those are due already. I turned mine in in the morning because I didn't want to over-think it. We are just supposed to submit general ideas for now and then we get feedback on them from the thesis committee. I also had to post an entry to the class blog covering what has gone on in the past week. It can be read here:

After we were done with class we went to the Media Markt because a few people needed to get things there. I went to return my replacement laptop charger that I bought because it wouldn't charge my laptop. After waiting in line for what seemed like half an hour I found out that since I opened the package, I am no longer able to return it. How in the heck was I supposed to know that it wouldn't work for me then?! I sure miss Best Buy right now. I guess there is a small bit of good in having to keep the charger. My old one makes noises when plugged in to the European outlets, but this new one is nice and quiet. It also can plug directly into the outlets here without and adapter. That still may not be worth the fifty Euro that it cost me though. Oh well I guess, nothing I can do about it now.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day Thirty-Three

This morning we did some more work on our studio project. We weren't at Artesis long though because we had a firm visit in another town at 1:30. We took a trip to Mechelen, Belgium, for a firm visit with dmvA Architects. A guy from the firm met us at the train station and then we walked to one of their projects. It was a sort of youth art center that they had left a lot of the decision making up to the youths themselves. It was a really neat project because the youth were allowed to decorate the walls how they wanted with paintings and graffiti that was actually pretty well done. Part of the building had astroturf on the roof which is a lot nicer than the usual black membrane they have on flat roofs.

After that we walked to the architectural firm's office which was actually a part of one of their renovation projects. They showed us a presentation of some of the work they had done. We all received a sort of magazine/ book of some of their projects which was really nice so that we can look at it later and remember what they showed us. When the presentation was over we all hopped on bikes that were at the firm and we went on a biking tour of Mechelen. We stopped by a few of the projects that we had been told about in the presentation. A majority of the projects we saw had elements of old buildings that had to be preserved and incorporated into the new design. All of their work was really interesting and I really love their design aesthetic. They use a lot of black and white for interiors with touches of red. That's an interior color scheme that I have always really enjoyed. Overall, I think that this particular firm visit was my favorite one of all time. Never before have I been to a firm that has an aesthetic that I extremely enjoy and also that takes me on a bike tour of their work.

The river in Mechelen

We were totally a biker gang

One of the projects where they kept part of an old building

This building is clad in coreten steel which is made to rust

The exterior walls of this building are made of plastic!

The whole group at the architecture firm

Monday, February 25, 2013

Day Thirty-Two

I slept in again today. It's going to suck having to get up early for class tomorrow. The Copenhagen group came back this morning so we went to the school for Internet and then we did a site visit. It was windy, cold, and kinda rainy. It sucked.

For dinner the boys cooked burgers. They were really good, but I am quite stuffed now. I think we have to decided to just have a lot of family dinners like this all the time to save money. It's nice to have home cooked meals.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day Thirty-One

I feel like I may have been the biggest bum in all of Europe today. I slept in until ten which was quite nice. I finished watching The Fellowship of the Ring and started watching The Two Towers. I did a lot of crocheting and started making a bracelet with some embroidery floss. To be honest, I haven't left my bed for more than a half hour at a time. But my bed is really the only place I sit in my apartment anyway so it really isn't as bad as it sounds.

I was a bit productive today actually. I started putting together a book about my European adventure. I'm hoping to get it printed when I am back in the states and finish compiling it. I plan on including these blog posts in it as well as pictures to make it a complete log of what I did while in Europe. It's going to be quite long though if I end up including every day like I plan on doing right now. It will be nice to have it though so that I can show everyone what I did while here.

My roommate made chicken noodle soup from scratch for dinner so the four of us that are still in Antwerp all ate together. It was quite good. I have to try and think of something to cook for her to pay her back for such a great dinner. I'm not the greatest of cooks though, especially with the mediocre stove we have here in our apartment. Maybe I will have to be creative with the microwave.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day Thirty

I got a chance to sleep in today since there wasn't really anything that I needed to do in the morning. It's a good thing too because I was at the concert last night until about three or so. It's so crazy how late things go here, but I guess they don't start until late either.

I did some shopping today. I bought a new laptop charging cord because mine has been giving me problems. The guy at the store told me this one would be good, but currently it isn't doing anything different than the one I already had. I may need to just return it and hope that every once-in-a-while my laptop magically decides to charge. I also bought some yarn at the craft store. I managed to resist buying more than three skeins, although they don't give you a lot of yarn in one bundle like in America. I did some grocery shopping as well at a new grocery store. I have finally found a large supermarket so I no longer need to go to the really small stores that don't have much to choose from.

I have spent a majority of my afternoon watching movies and crocheting while waiting for my laptop to back itself up on my external hard drive. It has been running for almost four hours and is only at eighteen percent. I am going to have to let it run all night. At least when it is done I will have a complete back-up of absolutely everything on my laptop.

I am currently an hour into the three-hour-and-twenty-minute extended edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. I also have the other two movies that I will probably making a dent in at some point tomorrow.

Day Twenty-Nine

Apparently my post from last night didn't actually publish..... So I am re-posting it now.

This morning I got up and headed to Brugge. I was going to visit multiple lace museums to do some research for my thesis project, but I wasn't able to go to any museums at all. The first one I went to was a museum, but not about lace. They guy behind the desk there told me that a couple other museums on my list were completely closed down and the final one on my list wasn't currently open. I ended up just walking around for a bit and did some shopping. I bought a book as well as a handmade lace bookmark.

When I got back to Antwerp I played some computer games and watched a movie. It was nice having time to just relax.

I just got home from a dubstep concert. Apparently their concerts here don't start until really late. The one I was at didn't start until about eleven and it ends at six in the morning. I don't know how the Belgians do it. The concert was really fun though. I'm really glad that I was invited to go with.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day Twenty-Eight

Today was rather uneventful. We met at the school this morning to discuss how we are going to organize groups for our studio project. We also had a short discussion about what people are thinking of submitting for thesis statements wince those are due in a week. Eeep! I'm pretty nervous about having to figure those out. I have no clue what I am going to do yet. I have all weekend to think though since I am not going to Copenhagen with other people from my group.

I don't really have anything else to write about since I just sat at the school for most of the day and worked on homework with everyone else. Tomorrow I think I might take a day trip to a nearby city to possibly figure something out for my thesis.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day Twenty-Seven

Today we finally got a start on our studio project for the semester. We are going to be redesigning an area of Antwerp that is near the port. We met with a couple different city people and they gave us presentations about what Antwerp is currently planning on doing with that area. Afterwards we walked to the site that our professor had picked out for us to work with. When we got there he showed us the site, said a bit about the area, and then said it was one of those sites where you say "What the hell do we do with it?" Right now it is a giant parking lot with a couple odd cobblestone covered hills. It was really cold out today so we didn't stay there long.

For dinner we went to a Belgian McDonald's for the first time. They had a sandwich on the menu called the "Chicken Mythic", so of course I had to try it. It was awesome. The rest of the night I will be finishing up some homework about Paris and I may be enjoying a peanut butter sandwich as well because I finally found peanut butter in Belgium.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day Twenty-Six

Not a whole lot went on today because it was just a travel day. This morning though, there was a bit of chaos when three people from our group split off from the rest of us to go somewhere for breakfast. We went to the train station and got onto the train. We texted them the station and car number for the train we were supposed to be riding, but when the train pulled away they were nowhere in sight. We weren't sure if they had just got onto the train in a different car or if they had missed it completely. After we transferred trains a couple of times we realized that they had probably missed it. It isn't too big of a deal though because there are a few trains that they could take throughout the day. They will make it home eventually. I am going to guess that the next train they could take was four hours after the one they missed because that's how far apart they were when I had train troubles on the way to Munich. I am just glad that I went with the group that didn't miss the train. I hate being late for things and missing your train is not fun at all.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Day Twenty-Five

We all woke up this morning to find that one of our group members had never come back from his late night food run. We thought maybe he had gone to stay with his girlfriend in the other bedroom of our hotel room, but when we checked after breakfast he wasn't with her and he had no idea he was even missing. We tried to call him multiple times without any answer. Two guys went down to the front to ask the front desk if they had seen them. They went outside to look for him and just happened to see him walk out of some guys apartment at that exact moment. From what I heard, he had yet to go to sleep and had hung out with some guy he has just met all night. He didn't even think to let us know that he wasn't coming back to the hotel and that he was ok. It was quite the fiasco.

After everything got all figured out, we got on a train to go to Neuschwanstein castle. I was so excited to go there. It's the main reason I came to Munich. It took two hours to get to the area and then we had to take a taxi to get even closer. Even after all that we still had to hike up a somewhat steep hill for almost a half an hour to get to the castle. It was definitely worth it though. The castle is up on a mountain and is surrounded by a lot of much taller ones. The view from up by the castle was really beautiful.

The interior of the castle was really awesome as well. A majority of the surfaces in there seemed to be hand painted. The bed in the castle had really intricately carved wood and apparently the entirely bedroom took about a year and a half to finish. Overall, the actual castle was way better than the 3D puzzle version I have at home.

Neuschwanstein Castle!

The mountains around Neuschwanstein

More mountains around Neuschwanstein

Day Twenty-Four

Once again I forgot to blog last night. Yesterday I went to Dachau concentration camp. It wasn't at the top of my list for this trip, but everyone else wanted to go and it seemed like it could be a bit interesting. It wasn't what I expected at all, but I guess my only previous knowledge of what concentration camps are like were images of Auschwitz. Dachau definitely wasn't as morbid, but it was creepy none-the-less.

When we got back to Munich we went to visit Olympic park and saw the awesome tensile structure. We didn't get there until after dark so I wasn't able to get any good pictures. We also walked by the BMW museum which was also a really awesome building.

For dinner we went to Hofbrauhaus which is a large and well-known drinking hall with really great German food and a live band. The musicians were wearing lederhosen! I had some really great smoked sausage and potato salad. There were so many people in that place and they were all cheering and singing in German. It was really great and it made me wish even more that I knew German.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day Twenty-Three

Getting to Munich today was an ordeal. After some confusion over where one of our group members was, myself and three others missed our train by only a couple of minutes. Luckily we found other trains to get there that were free to ride. It ended up taking us around twelve hours to travel what should have been an eight hour trip. At least we made it though. I am really excited to be here.

We got a hostel where all of us share a room together. We only have one bathroom.... This is going to be an interesting weekend....

Day Twenty-Two

I completely forgot about blogging last night. The exhibition of the workshops went really well. Everybody created some really amazing things this week. I still think mine was the best though :)

We spent a lot if the day just cleaning up our space since we were practically done with the installation itself. Overall I really enjoyed having this week of workshops with the Belgian students even though they spoke in Dutch the whole time.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day Twenty-One

The workshop went well again today. I feel pretty monotonous talking about the same stuff everyday. I spent a majority of my day assembling a laser cut model. I had to hold each joint together until the glue dried. I still haven't finished it so I will have to work on it again tomorrow. We had a photographer from the school come in and take some preliminary photos of our exhibition. They turned out really well and I can't wait to put the exhibition completely together tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day Twenty

My workshop went the same as yesterday. Although, I did feel a bit more out of place than on previous days. Everyone in my workshop except for me, one other student, and the two leading professors, speaks Dutch. They all also seem to be good friends as well because I think they all go to school together. They always talk in Dutch so I feel quite left out and not part of the group. When they do talk to me though they are quite nice.

My workshop seems to be a bit less strict than a couple of the other ones I have heard about which is nice. Hopefully the next two days of preparing our exhibition aren't too bad.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day Nineteen

I had to be at the school by nine this morning. For my workshop today we didn't do much other than sit around all day making paper models to hang from the ceiling, but that's what the whole workshop is anyway. I finished my model of the head from a sculpture at the school and then helped other people with their models.

I feel like I won't have much to write about this week because I'm not off adventuring and seeing so many different thing like usual.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Day Eighteen

This morning I started my week-long international design workshop. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from my workshop that I got put in. Apparently this week we are going to build a "raft" that we will hang from the ceiling on Friday.

We are making 3D paper models of found objects to assemble into this raft. The workshop leaders showed us a program where you can make a digital 3D model of an object from pictures and then it gets transformed into a printout that shows you where to it and fold to make the 3D shape. It is pretty awesome.

One of the leaders for my workshop actually took a workshop led by an NDSU professor when the professor still lived in Copenhagen. What a small world.

There was a lecture to end the night, but the lecturer was late and it went until 9:30. There wasn't even a break for supper before the lecture started. This is going to be a rough week because supper isn't scheduled in for any day and we always go until 8:30 at least. Yay.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day Seventeen

Today we slept in a bit since we didn't have to check out of our hotel until noon. It was nice to not have to get up early for once.

We didn't do a whole lot for our last day in Paris. We went to Parc de la Villette because we had heard about it in classes at NDSU. The park has a bunch of various red sculptures that are dispersed around the park in a grid pattern. There was also a large exhibition hall within the park that had some amazingly large trusses. It also had a mirrored sphere that housed an IMAX theater. We sat at the cafe of the exhibition building for a while because it was cold outside and they had free wi-fi. We visited the aquarium in the building because it was free, but it turned out to only be three medium sized fish tanks with only a few fish.

After a while we just decided to head towards the train station that we needed to be at to go home because there wasn't much going on at the park. It started to snow quite a bit which wasn't really fun for walking back through the park. When we got to the train station we decided to go to McDonald's and get coffee because once again it was a warm place and it had free wi-fi.

The train ride back wasn't very entertaining. All I did was listen to my iPod and doodle on some scrap paper. Today has been mostly just a day for resting which has been really nice. Tomorrow we start our week-long international design workshops which will be interesting.

One of the red sculptures in the Parc de la Villette

The exhibition hall

The IMAX sphere

Day Sixteen

Once again this post is a day late. We spent a majority of the day walking around the Palace of Versailles. That place was really awesome to see. There was so much decoration and extravagance in the main house. The gardens were pretty nice, but all the flowers were dead so they weren't at their best. I had a Nutella covered waffle at a cafe there that was pretty delicious.

We visited Marie Antoinette's estate which is also on the grounds of Versailles. We saw her house and where she slept which was pretty neat. Versailles is so massive so we had to do a lot of walking again.

When we got back to our hotel most people took naps, but I read one of my books. I am going to have to see if I can order some new ones off amazon to be sent to Antwerp because I have finished the only two books I have brought to Europe.

For dinner we went to a fondue place because some people in our group had never tried it before. I didn't have any fondue, but my coat and sweater now smell of oil and cooking meat. Wonderful. I'll have to air them out when I get back to Antwerp.

One of the large halls in the main palace at Versailles

One of the bedrooms in the palace

A very ornate hallway in the palace

A large boulevard on the Versailles grounds

Marie Antoinette's bedroom

Friday, February 8, 2013

Day Fifteen

We did some more touring around with our professor today. He showed us an "art nouveau" area of Paris. He also brought us to the Pompidou Center which was pretty neat. The skeleton as well as the support services for the building are all on the outside of the building and on complete display. Definitely something I have never seen before.

We went to an underground shopping center for lunch and then our teacher led us to the entrance to the Paris catacombs. Everyone else was really excite to see the catacombs, but if I had know I would see so many bones down there I definitely would not have gone. Being so far underground in a somewhat small tunnel kind of freaked me out right away, but then I got used to it and was fine. The part that got me the most was when we got to the passages that were filled with bones and skulls. I had no idea there would be so many skeletons down there. Apparently there were six million bodies worth of them and I had to walk through the very very long passage with them all stacked along the sides. It was not a good place for me to be because my fear of death got the best of me and I had a small panic attack. The rest of my group thought it was really neat an they were all taking their time taking photos and what not, but I just wanted to get out of there. Luckily one person from my group didn't really care to take many pictures and they offered to walk with me to the exit. I will never go back down there again in my life, but at least I can say I went into the catacombs in Paris.

Our professor offered to take anyone who wanted to go to an authentic Paris brasserie with him for dinner. He said it would cost around $50. Everyone in my group wanted to go so naturally I am currently having a McDonald's dinner alone. (Don't worry mom and dad, the McDonald's is right next to my hotel) I will probably just watch tv until everyone gets back, although I have no idea how long that will be.

Another cathedral we visited that was on top of a hill

The Pompidou Center

The only picture I took in the catacombs

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day Fourteen

I went to Notre Dame this morning. It was flooded with school children. I got some really awesome pictures of it though. The inside is so amazing and I really loved all the stained glass that it had.

Our professor took us on an architecture tour through the Louvre plaza and then to the Arc De Triomphe. I went to the top of the Arc and got a great view of the city.

After the Arc we got on the metro and rode to the new portion of Paris. The buildings are all new and really nice, but I didn't like it as much as the rest of Paris. I enjoy the smaller streets and lack of skyscrapers better. Paris just seems more like a city to have older styled buildings.

We needed to take another trip to the Eiffel Tower of course. We didn't even go to the top yesterday. I really wanted to go to the top, but I was quite scared to be going so high up on a structure that was meant to be temporary. On the elevator I the top I didn't even dare look out the window. Once I got to the very top though, I wasn't as scared as I thought I would be. The very top of the Eiffel Tower has two floors, one enclose and the other open. I went to the open one for a bit to take some pictures, but I didn't stay there long.

When we got back to solid ground, we went to have some dinner at a little cafe and then headed back to our hotel.

Currently I am sitting at the only source of free wifi we have found in Paris, McDonald's. At least they have tasty McFlurrys!

Notre Dame

The inside of Notre Dame. I love the stained glass

We crossed a bridge covered in locks with couples' names on them. Apparently they throw the keys in the river

The Arc De Triomphe

The Eiffel Tower

This structure is on the end of a large axis that runs through Paris. The other end of the axis is the Louvre

Day Thirteen

Had to post this late again. Wifi is hard to come by.

I got up early this morning to make sure I had everything packed for my weekend trip to Paris. The train ride took around two hours and in that time I finished the first Hunger Games book. I only bought the first one before coming on this trip and I am now regretting not getting the the other two. I planned on waiting until after I saw each movie to read its book, but now that I have finished the first book I really just want to read them all right now.

When we got to Paris our teacher was waiting for us at the station to guide us to our hotel. Good thing he was with us because apparently the people at the hotel desk only speak French and Spanish. From my hotel room you can see the top of the Eiffel Tower and there's even a balcony in the bathroom.

After we dropped off our luggage we walked to the Louvre. I know it's supposed to be an art museum, but I feel like I was more interested in the building itself more than the art. The ceilings had such intricate detail and some had some really amazing paintings on them. I did get to see the Mona Lisa though.

After the Louvre we walked to the Eiffel Tower and stopped for dinner on the way. By the time we got to the Eiffel Tower it was dark out so it was all lit up. We decided not to go up it tonight since it was pretty cold just standing on the ground. I got some really nice night time pictures of it though.

The metro seems to be pretty easy to navigate here and our teacher used some of the trip budget to buy us all passes to help us save money which was really nice.

My feet already are sore after not even a full day of walking and we were told tomorrow will be a bit of a long walking tour. I will be staying in Antwerp all of next week until possibly going to Germany on Saturday so I can rest my feet while I'm back at home. For now there is just so much to see in the four days I will be here.

Just before bed I looked out the window at the Eiffel Tower and saw that there were thousands of lights twinkling on it. It was awesome. I hope that I can see it up close some night while I am here.

Me in Paris! You can sort of see the Eiffel Tower to the right of my head, but it's really teeny.

The plaza at the Louvre with the glass pyramid entry

The Mona Lisa!

One of the amazing ceilings in the Louvre

The Eiffel Tower at night

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day Twelve

This morning I woke up to some nice sunshine. Leave it to Antwerp to be hailing ten minutes later.... We walked to another architecture firm visit today, in the rain and light hail of course. I feel like I will be spending a majority of my time in Antwerp underneath an umbrella. The tour was quite short because it was a very small firm. They had a lot of neat paper models sitting around that the guy showed us.

The rest of the day I did a little shopping and then relaxed because I will be doing a lot more walking again this weekend. I am leaving for Paris in the morning with my classmates. We have already booked our place to stay so hopefully this trip will be a lot cheaper than London.

The boys made dinner for everyone tonight and it was actually quite delicious. I'm not extremely sure what was all in it but it was some sort of lemony spaghetti. We also had some amazing chocolate covered ice cream bars for dessert.

I have yet to pack for my trip tomorrow, but I don't think it should be too bad since it's only four nights. I may just pack everything in the morning quickly unless I get ambitious and can pry myself away from my crocheting before bed.

Speaking of crocheting.... I finished my slipper boots!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Day Eleven

It was a pretty rough day. After not sleeping very well on the horribly uncomfortable mattress at our hotel, I woke up feeling quite nauseous. It may have been nervousness for having to ride through the Channel Tunnel again or it may have been from the possibly under cooked bacon I had on my cheese fries last night for Super Bowl Sunday at the pub. Either way I felt sick to my stomach. Luckily one of my classmates brought along motion sickness medicine because I had left mine in Antwerp. I think that from now on I will remember my own though because the stuff I took was not the non-drowsy kind and it put me into a sort of daze for the rest of the day and made me very tired.

We got back to our apartment building to find that the leasing company had changed the entry code while we were gone so we were locked out for a little bit. My apartment finally got cleaned, but the person did a very poor job at it. We are currently still stuck with only one working outlet and that is the one in the bathroom. Hopefully that gets fixed before we get back from Paris this weekend.

After doing some homework I did some work on my crochet slippers I have been making. They finally have soles, but I am not quite done yet so I won't be posting any pictures of them today. I'm glad I found a yarn shop in Antwerp because I want to make another pair when I am done with these and try out some new color combinations.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day Ten

This morning we walked to Regent's Park and walked around there for a bit. After we did that we walked over to King's Cross Station and went to Platform 9 3/4!!! There was a little Harry Potter shop there so I bought a t-shirt and then I it my picture taken with a luggage trolley going through the wall. I am very excited to have gotten to visit the station. I really want to go watch all of the movies now and see what places I have seen that are in them.

We spent a lot of our day walking around. My legs are starting to get quite sore from walking around so much. Maybe I will be really fit when I get back to the states in a couple months.

We did a bit of souvenir shopping and found a good place for some dinner. The boys are hoping to find a place to watch the Super Bowl tonight, but I'm unsure if here is anywhere in London that will be showing it.

Tomorrow morning we have to get on a train to go back to Antwerp. I have really enjoyed my time here in London and I am very glad that I got the chance to come here.

King's Cross Station

Inside the new King's Cross Station addition

I'm off to Hogwarts!

Day Nine

*I wrote this post as a note on my phone yesterday because I didn't have any wifi. So that is why I am posting it a day late*

It was pretty sunny out this morning so I had high hopes for the weather to be nice all day. That was a mistake. Once we took the subway, or the "tube" as its called here in London, it started to get cloudy and windy.

The first thing we did was hunt down out new place to stay. It turned out to be a house that has been converted to a hotel. The owner is a really nice Italian guy who I had a conversation about head lice.... odd.

After we settled in we went to check out London's new skyscraper that just opened called The Shard. I had seen pictures of it before we left the states, but those were nothing compared to what it looked like in person. At first it looked like it was going to fall onto us because of an optical illusion created by the clouds.

On our way over to Shakespeare's Globe Theater we walked through a market that was really awesome. I think we may be going bak tomorrow in hopes that it won't be as packed. We didn't go inside the theater, but it was nice to at least get to see the outside of it.

The Millennium Bridge was high in my list for this trip because it's in the Harry Potter movies. I got to take some pictures of it and we walked across it since we needed to cross the river there anyway. I wonder if The Leaky Cauldron really exists in London as well...

After we crossed the Thames we walked to St. Paul's Cathedral. We walked inside and got to see some of it, but you had to pay to see the entire inside. We ended up staying for a church service because we had gotten there right before it started and we thought it would be really awesome to attend one there.

After the service we got some dinner at a burger place with bad service and then we headed back to our hotel for the night.

The Shard

Tower Bridge

The Market

Millennium Bridge

St. Paul's Cathedral

Friday, February 1, 2013

Day Eight

There was so much walking today! We saw Big Ben, The London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and so many other places! We haven't even seen it all yet. I am so glad we are here for a couple more days.

We secured a place to stay for the last two days we are here, but we have learned our lesson about not booking places to stay before we get here. There were not many options, but we found a decent place. This trip is turning out to be a bit speedy, but we expected that because London is a bit more of an expensive place. It was a city that I really wanted to see though so I am glad I got to come here.

British Parliament and Big Ben

The London Eye

Buckingham Palace