Monday, April 22, 2013

Day Eighty-Eight

This morning I took my last walk down the Antwerp shopping street. Most of my day was pretty relaxing. I had done a lot of my packing already so I didn't have to worry much about that. I ended up re-dying my hair today so now it is brilliantly red once again. It actually wasn't too difficult to do it by myself and it turned out very well. I went to a movie with a majority of my classmates tonight. We saw a movie called "Side Effects". I didn't really know much about it and I only just watched the trailer earlier today, but it was still a decent movie.

I haven't done a whole lot since I got back from the theater. I mostly just hung out with my classmates and chatted for a while. I also weighed my bag to make sure that it won't be overweight. Turns out I am a packing master because it was exactly the maximum weight.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day Eighty-Seven

I have come to the realization that my count of days that I have been is Europe is off by a day. This blog post is actually supposed to be day eighty-eight. I am not going to go back and change all the blog titles though because I would have to do all eighty-eight of them individually and that would take too long. I will be sure to have the numbers right in my Europe photo book though. I messed up by not counting the day I traveled to Europe as day number one. Instead I started with my first full day in Europe. Oh well. It will all be fixed for my book.

I left Germany for the last time today. I think it has been my favorite country to visit while here in Europe. I hope to come back in the future. The train rides back to Antwerp went pretty well today other than the fact that I felt kind of crappy and really exhausted the whole time. I was so tired that I even managed to fall asleep on the train for a little bit which never happens. I hope that tomorrow I feel better.

When I got back to my apartment I just took a shower and then relaxed while watching movies. I feel that it is going to be bed time soon since I am still quite tired.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day Eighty-Six

This morning we took the subway back to Hafen City. Our teacher had a new type of experience for us. He took us to a place called "Dialogue in the Dark". In this place you are guided through a series of pitch black rooms by a legally blind person. You are completely unable to see anything and you can only feel where you are going with a cane. The guide for my group was named Yenz. He was very nice and it made the fact that I was in complete darkness way less scary. At first I didn't think I would be able to do the whole thing because I started to get really freaked out, but after a little while I got used to it and I actually really enjoyed it. It was really neat to experience things the way blind people do. At the end of the experience we were taken into a pitch black cafe where we had to order and pay for drinks by only feeling the change we were picking out. I'm really glad we got to do that today.

The rest of the afternoon we walked around the city center before ending up t the brew house that our teacher had made reservations at. After dinner I headed back to the hostel with some of my classmates and now we are just hanging out in the lobby with the free wifi.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Day Eighty-Five

Today we took a tour around a portion of Hamburg called Hafen City. It's an old port area that is now being rebuilt. There was some interesting architecture there. It was pretty windy and cold which wasn't very fun.

After the tour we went to lunch where I ordered a veggie burger. It was different from the ones I have had in America. There were big pieces of vegetables in this one, but it was still pretty delicious.

We walked around some more with our professor after lunch. When we got done with our tours or the day our teacher showed us where the Hamburg carnival was. We went back to the hostel for a bit and I ended up taking a nap.

After my nap we went to find some dinner. We ate at a restaurant nearby the carnival. There were so many rides and food stands. It was probably one o the largest carnivals I have ever been to. A couple of my classmates went on two of the rides. When they had had their fill of the rides we headed back to our hostel for the night.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day Eighty-Four

Most I today was spent traveling to Hamburg, Germany. We had a little problem with our train again, but it all worked out in the end.

It was dinner time when we got there, so we checked into our hostel quick and then headed to dinner with our teacher and his wife. Right now we are all just hanging out in the hostel lobby using the free Internet for a while before we go to bed.

Day Eighty-Three

I just realized I never posted a blog yesterday so here it is now.

This morning we had to present our projects to some of the Antwerp students. Not too many showed up so it was nice and not as stressful as I expected. The presentations only lasted for about two hours so we got the rest of the day off.

I spent my afternoon watching movies, walking around the shopping area of Antwerp, and packing all my stuff up. I think that when it comes time to actually leave Europe everything will fit in my suitcase fine.

After dinner I went to the school with my classmates and just surfed the Internet for a while. When I got back to my apartment I just took a shower and watched another movie before bed.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day Eighty-Two

We finished up our studio project today. I am happy how it turned out and I am glad that it is finished. Tomorrow we have to present it to some people from the Antwerp architecture school. I'm not really excited for that, but at least I am not doing the presentation alone.

I walked around Antwerp for a while with one of my classmates this afternoon looking for chocolate shops to buy gifts for people back in the states. I was surprised how few there are in Antwerp. We had a hard time finding any while walking around. I think we may have only found three the entire time we were out walking and only one of them had decent prices. Oh well. They still had decent chocolate so it was okay and we even got to taste test a couple of their new chocolates which were delicious.

Since it was another one of my classmates birthday today we went to a small pizza place that we have grown fond of for dinner. After dinner we went to go see Oblivion at the local movie theater. It was a pretty good movie and I may even watch it again back home. They had a preview for Iron Man Three. I am extremely excited to see that movie when it comes out. I love the Iron Man films.