Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day Eighty

I got to sleep in this morning since our train back to Antwerp didn't leave until right before noon. We had to check out of our hostel by eleven so for the extra bit of time we had before we got on the train we sat by the lake drinking chocolate milk. It was a pretty great morning.

The trip back to Antwerp had some ups and downs. On the train that we were going to ride for the longest we ended up sitting in our own little six-seat room again on the first class car. Those seats were pretty comfortable for a while, but when you have to sit there for four hours it didn't feel like it mattered because my butt hurt anyway. There also weren't any outlets on that train which made it impossible to work on our studio project.

I think that our longest train may have had technical difficulties again because when were at the stop in Luxembourg we were told that we had to get on a different train to go to Brussels. The train to Brussels was horrible. It was packed so I was confined to a small space for the entire ride which happened to be three hours. Not to mention we hadn't had a chance to get anything to eat since breakfast because we were constantly on trains or trying to catch the next one. Usually at least one of our trains has a food car, but none of them did this time. When we finally got back to Antwerp we stopped at Quick Burger right outside the train station because we were so starving.

We didn't get back until after nine so when I got back to my apartment I took a shower and now I am just relaxing before bed.

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