Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day Eighty-Two

We finished up our studio project today. I am happy how it turned out and I am glad that it is finished. Tomorrow we have to present it to some people from the Antwerp architecture school. I'm not really excited for that, but at least I am not doing the presentation alone.

I walked around Antwerp for a while with one of my classmates this afternoon looking for chocolate shops to buy gifts for people back in the states. I was surprised how few there are in Antwerp. We had a hard time finding any while walking around. I think we may have only found three the entire time we were out walking and only one of them had decent prices. Oh well. They still had decent chocolate so it was okay and we even got to taste test a couple of their new chocolates which were delicious.

Since it was another one of my classmates birthday today we went to a small pizza place that we have grown fond of for dinner. After dinner we went to go see Oblivion at the local movie theater. It was a pretty good movie and I may even watch it again back home. They had a preview for Iron Man Three. I am extremely excited to see that movie when it comes out. I love the Iron Man films.

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